Lelah's Story

Lelah began suffering from asthma when she was three years old. Her quality of life was awful according to her mother, La-Tannya. She had so much trouble breathing that she missed more than 30 days of school and was even hospitalized for a short time.


Then Lelah met Gloria Seals, a Community Health Worker (CHW) Supervisor at Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI), and her life was transformed.

Gloria worked with Lelah and her mom, educating them on the disease, triggers, medications and appropriate use of medical devices while also developing an asthma action plan to guide both mom and Lelah on managing her asthma. Gloria worked with them to introduce “asthma-friendly” cleaning products for the home, as some of the cleaners they were using irritated Lelah’s lungs. The result was a dramatic reduction in asthma episodes and remarkable improvement in Lelah’s quality of life.

Today, Lelah receives straight A’s and rarely misses school. She has not visited the emergency room in years.

La-Tannya describes Gloria as life-saving and life-changing. La-Tannya said, “Before Gloria, my daughter and I were in the dark about her illness. The Asthma Care Partners program , and Gloria Seals, changed our lives.”