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All trainings are co-facilitated by an experienced CHW and a content expert, and include activities, role-plays, group work, discussion, and didactic learning. Trainings are available in-person and virtually. 


Hiring & Recruitment 

Recruitment and hiring support, including developing job descriptions, assistance with the interview process, and working with human resources to successfully onboard CHWs.

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Learning Collaboratives

CROWD has extensive experience designing and operationalizing learning collaboratives for CHWs. These in-person or virtual sessions are crafted to cultivate a community of practice where CHWs share learnings and best practices. 


Direct Service 

SUHI staff, CHWs, and program managers implement interventions on behalf of external clients. Benefits include minimal start-up time, trained and vetted CHWs, optimal CHW supervision, and access to SUHI’s 20+ years of expertise.



Consulting services to develop CHW trainings and programs customized to meet your organization's unique needs. 


Process & Evaluation

Intended to assist organizations interested in understanding their existing CHW program’s performance and outcomes related to CHW interventions. Evaluation activities are conducted in partnership with SUHI’s evaluation team.


What Our Clients Say

Cornelius Chandler, Community Health Worker, Breakthrough Urban Ministries

"Professionally, this training provided a vision for me with the community work I'm doing. At first I was extremely nervous talking with others about their issues. Now I feel equipped with the knowledge to serve as the connecting tissue between community members and the resources they need. Also, to just be a listening ear and simply be there for them. Personally, it reshaped how I deal with my own trauma and family issues that plagued my family well before I was born. Being able to communicate with my family properly and not force my opinion about a certain topic to them has strengthened us as a whole."

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