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Client Testimonials

SUHI’s Asthma CarePartners program was truly life-changing for our members and their families. The collaboration between our care coordinators and the SUHI community health workers has helped our members better understand their disease as well as how their environment affects their ability to control it.  These efforts have helped improve their quality of life, allowing them to become active participants in their health care.  As an extension of our health care professionals the SUHI community workers have reinforced health education and medication adherence, which is of paramount importance to the control of such a disease as asthma."

-Dr. Connie L. Zak, DNP, MBA, FNP-BC, Vice President of Healthcare Management

Family Health Network and Community Care Alliance of Illinois

Our collaboration with SUHI in developing and implementing our CHW program has been a powerful partnership.  The depth of experience SUHI brought enabled us to identify perfect candidates for these new positions, deploy their skills to achieve measurable impact and develop our own internal expertise to expand the program. Through the support of the SUHI staff, these new and now essential members of our care team are helping us to further build upon our commitment to patient-centered, value-driven care."

-Carrie E. Nelson, MD, MS, FAAFP, Senior Medical Director

Advocate Physician Partners

Asthma and CHW Skills Training Testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous training we received from SUHI. Gloria and Jessica were amazing presenters; very knowledgeable, fun, and enlightening. The training was perfect from beginning to end. I have not been a part of a training that was run so smoothly and where I laughed and learned the entire time. You are all amazing!!! It is obvious the SUHI team puts children and families first.  


Your manual, training materials, and demo bags are fantastic! It is a breath of fresh air to have everything in front of me.  We are now able to save so much time by having everything at our fingertips. Your templates and tools can be used by CHWs and asthma educators who serve at-risk communities. 


I want to congratulate your team of CHWs for their outstanding service to your clients. Their stories and experiences were very personable, compassionate and caring.  I am compelled to continue in this race.


High five to the SUHI team, a training of this magnitude requires a lot of hard work and preparation, and the SUHI staff rose brilliantly to the challenge; your efforts ensured the safety and enjoyment of our entire team in Chicago. WCHAP has certainly gained a valuable partner, colleagues, and champions in the fight to ensure every child has access to a medical home.”

-Elizabeth Milton, Asthma Program Supervisor

Wayne Children's Healthcare Access Program, Detroit, MI

The facilitators made learning pleasurable, collaborative and meaningful. Every day the information shared and knowledge gained has equipped me to share this newfound educational experience with the families of WCHAP. Although all of the information was pertinent, a couple of things stand out for me:


1) The medication section was communicated in such a way that it was easily understood with practice methods as well as tools and devices for use with families. I believe you can lecture all daylong to a family about medication on how and when to use it. However, actually using teach-back methods with devices on hand is boundless.

2) Visuals, I believe, are the key to understanding the ins and outs of the disease, which in turn helps the families control their asthma.“

-Carol Johnson, Community Health Worker

Wayne Children's Healthcare Access Program, Detroit, MI

CHW Core Skills Training Testimonials

The authenticity and vulnerability people shared in the group facilitates learning and understanding."

-Mercy Accountable Care Organization

Very friendly and professional staff who were flexible with their time."

-Enlace Chicago

Pre-Hire Training Testimonials

Thank you! I’m empowered to do more about my community and the people who live in it.  You get an A+."

-University of Chicago Medicine

The trainers were great! I didn't know I could enjoy a training class as much as I did. While gaining a lot of knowledge, my eyes were opened to so much!"

-Advocate Physician Partners